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Cryptocurrency Exchanges Ranking

Whether you are a cryptocurrency novice or an expert, it is vital to know how to buy Bitcoin (BTC) or any other cryptocurrency coins from a reputable crypto exchange. This is why the team of experts at JohnnyBitcoin have created a ranking system for the best crypto exchanges on the market. Some of the factors that influence our rankings include features such as; safety of funds, welcome offers, number of coins to buy and trade, available payment methods and user-friendliness. Naturally, the top-ranking crypto exchanges have partnered with us to give you exclusive cryptocurrency bonuses that are ready to be unlocked with our crypto exchange bonus codes.
johnnybitcoin com

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The Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Offers

Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Bonuses

The first thing to consider when beginning a crypto trading journey or opening a crypto casino account, is any available offers to get you started. JohnnyBitcoin is your hub for the latest crypto promo codes and Bitcoin bonuses. Whether you are looking to trade and transfer cryptocurrencies on some of the best crypto trading platforms and exchanges, or play at crypto bookmakers, we have the latest cryptocurrency bonuses for you. Check our carefully curated list of the best crypto bonuses and use our codes today!

Best Bitcoin Casinos

The number of people playing at Bitcoin casinos has grown exponentially in recent years and is expected to only get bigger. You now have the option to play the best crypto casino games using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many other cryptocurrencies. Crypto gambling is the present and future of the casino industry, therefore, we have ranked the top bitcoin casinos for your pleasure. We review all of the casinos that we promote with a range of financial tests to ensure your funds are as safe as possible. Moreover, we have exclusive crypto casino bonuses which can be activated with our Bitcoin casino promo codes.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Bonuses Common crypto-related questions answered for you!

How can I buy Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin (BTC) at any crypto exchange. Cryptocurrency exchanges give you the option to buy BTC and trade it on a secure platform. Some of the most popular exchanges that allow you to buy and trade Bitcoin and other crypto tokens include Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase and Gemini. Be aware that there are many different beginner strategies for trading Bitcoin and altcoins to be considered, so make sure that you inform and educate yourself with the educational material provided at JohnnyBitcoin.

Where can I find the top crypto exchanges?

You will find all of the best crypto trading platforms at JohnnyBitcoin. Simply check our rankings to discover the top cryptocurrency exchanges. Whether that be Binance, Huobi, OKX, Kucoin or Bitget, you will discover only the best-rated crypto exchanges and get exclusive bonuses with JohnnyBitcoin.

What is a promo code for a crypto exchange?

Crypto promo codes, such as the Bybit promo code or our KuCoin referral code often unlock exclusive bonuses at crypto exchanges and trading platforms. For example, you may get an extra Bitcoin bonus as part of a welcome package when you join a crypto exchange. You often only need to enter a crypto exchange promo code in the registration form. Once you have completed registration, you will receive the bonus at crypto exchanges, often by completing tasks, making a deposit or simply trading Bitcoin and other cryptos.

How do I get a bonus at a crypto exchange?

The easiest way to get a crypto bonus for an exchange or trading platform is by visiting JohnnyBitcoin com and checking out our reviews and crypto guides. We partner with some of the best crypto exchanges on the market and can offer exclusive crypto exchange bonuses which only require a promo code to be entered in the registration form. We have thoroughly reviewed and tested some of the top crypto exchanges like KuCoin, ByBit and more, so that you can sign up and get your bonus with ease!

Is Bitcoin/Crypto legal?

This depends entirely upon where you are located in the world and whether your country of residence has laws declaring cryptocurrencies to be legal or not. Be sure that you know how to buy Bitcoin legally, educate yourself at and use a dedicated crypto exchange. You can purchase and trade cryptocurrencies lawfully at cryptocurrency exchanges that are available in your geo-location.

What are alternatives to Bitcoin?

Though Bitcoin is the best known crypto coin and has many unique properties that cannot be parallelled, there are thousands of other cryptos you could invest in and trade. Some of the most popular Bitcoin alternatives include; Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), XRP (XRP), and Cardano (ADA). In order to understand if you want to invest in a so-called ‘Altcoin’ you first need to understand what Bitcoin is. Luckily, JohnnyBitcoin com provides lots of easy to understand crypto guides for beginners. We strive to be a top resource for anyone seeking answers to popular cryptocurrency questions with high-quality informative content written in a clear and concise manner.

How can I exchange cryptocurrency?

To be able to exchange any cryptocurrency you need to have an account at a crypto exchange, either a centralised exchange like Binance or Coinbase, or a decentralised exchange like Uniswap. Exchanges are marketplaces where you can buy and sell crypto under one platform. A centralised exchange is the easiest option for a beginning trader. However, be aware that when your coins are on a centralised exchange, you don't have self-custody over them: not your keys, not your coins. Therefore, do your trading on exchanges, but keep your coins safe in a recommended crypto wallet. Check All Crypto Offers on JohnnyBitcoin for the best crypto exchange deals.

What do you need to trade crypto?

The most important thing you need to start trading crypto is knowledge. Reading “how to…” instructional articles on JohnnyBitcoin com or a crypto investing guide for beginners is certainly advisable to first-time crypto traders. Learning about how to buy and store crypto safely, prices of coins, and the latest news from the crypto world are vital aspects to consider. Always do your own research (DYOR) before you open an account with any crypto trading platform and invest in any crypto project.

Can you bet with crypto?

Yes, there are many Bitcoin casinos and crypto bookmakers to choose from nowadays. What’s more is that JohnnyBitcoin provides rankings and articles for the best bitcoin casinos. We also search for the top cryptocurrency bonuses on the market and review the best crypto bookmakers for you. So, you can bet with crypto and use our codes to get a head start!

What is the difference between fiat currency and cryptocurrency?

Fiat money is legal tender whose value is tied to currencies issued by a government such as the US Dollar, whereas cryptocurrency is a digital asset which derives its worth from its own native blockchain. At JohnnyBitcoin you can read more about what cryptocurrency is, how it works and what the advantages and value prospects of digital currencies are.

Is cryptocurrency safe?

Crypto is generally considered safe but it helps to use reputable crypto exchanges when buying and selling Bitcoin or other digital valuta. Cryptocurrencies incorporate new technologies based on cryptography to keep your coins safe. Two of the ways blockchains remain secure are by using Proof-of-Stake (POS) or Proof-of-Work (POW) protocols to validate transactions and secure the network.

What is the purpose of blockchain technology?

The purpose of blockchain technology is to enable the ability to share information within a distributed and decentralised application. Access to a blockchain can either be restricted or unrestricted. New ideas of how the internet can develop and evolve, such as Web3, incorporate blockchain technology as part of their core foundations. Stable coins and emerging cryptocurrencies employ these technologies to provide a secure method to log transactions in a distributed ledger that are transparent and accessible by anyone.

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