Mick Burrows

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picture of Mick Burrows

Based in the UK, Mick honed his online writing skills by crafting articles to support various niche websites. Over time, he developed a distinct style that focused on reviews and previews of sports betting and casino sites, reflecting his personal passion for both. Additionally, Mick has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, allowing him to offer valuable insights into how these innovations are reshaping the online gambling industry.

Having previously owned a successful betting website, Mick gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of online gambling and its bonus-led setups. More recently, his expertise in cryptocurrency has enabled him to explore how blockchain technology is influencing the mainstream betting landscape, including the emergence of crypto casinos and bookmakers.

Regularly preparing content on crypto-related topics, Mick provides informative and easily translatable guidance to readers. This includes assistance with setting up accounts and exchanges, as well as providing strategies for crypto betting in network-specific tournaments. He emphasizes the advantages of digital gambling, such as anonymity and a superior betting experience facilitated by cryptocurrencies, while navigating around issues like volatility and scalability. Mick's comprehensive knowledge in both online gambling and cryptocurrency makes him a valuable resource for individuals interested in these rapidly evolving industries.

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