Best Crypto Analysis Tools 2024

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Best Crypto Analysis Tools 2024

Read this complete guide on the best crypto analysis tools 2024 to make better crypto investing decisions. A crypto analysis tool can help you collect information about crypto assets, analyze them, compare different cryptos, and improve your trading performance. Since there are thousands of crypto coins, crypto research tools are absolutely indispensable when it comes to selecting and investing in the right crypto assets.

This post discusses the meaning and importance of various crypto analysis tools. In addition, this post is going to give you a clear idea about the best crypto tools for research and the best crypto tools for analysis. Moreover, in this post, we are going to provide a list of top crypto analysis tools.

1. What Is a Crypto Analysis Tool?

A crypto analysis tool does exactly what it sounds like. It helps you analyze the broader crypto market and make informed investing decisions. These tools also help you carefully navigate the vast crypto universe with numerous tokens, projects, applications, and technologies.

Crypto investing is more overwhelming than investing in stocks or commodities. There are over 9,000 active cryptocurrencies. In comparison, we have only about 4,300 publicly listed stocks in the US. Now, add the extreme volatility of cryptos, their technological complexities, and diverse applications, such as different crypto mining apps to this sheer number!

The best crypto analysis tools can help you make sense of all these and simplify your decision-making process. From delivering basic market data like price and trading volume to more detailed information like on-chain data and total value locked (TVL), crypto analysis tools assist you in all aspects of crypto investing. Let’s look at the importance of crypto analysis tools and the categories to which the best crypto research tools belong.

2. Why Is Crypto Market Analysis Important?

Your crypto trading or investing performance is directly linked to your quality of research and analysis. Also, in order to analyze different aspects of cryptos, you need accurate and the latest data. Moreover, it’s overwhelmingly difficult, if not impossible, to manually analyze all these data and translate them into actionable insights. The best crypto analysis tools make these tasks easy for you. The following are the main reasons you need time-saving crypto research tools at your disposal:

Getting access to the latest market data

Crypto research tools provide you with the latest market data like market price, trading volume, volatility, change in price, list of best-performing cryptos, and even the list of new crypto tokens being launched.

Analyzing charts and technical indicators

Crypto trading is simply guesswork without analyzing charts and technical indicators. The best tools for crypto traders are equipped with advanced charting options and technical analysis tools.

Drilling down into crypto tokenomics

Tokenomics is the economics within a blockchain platform. Since tokenomics determines the value of a crypto coin, you must analyze it well before putting your money in crypto. The best crypto research tools will help you analyze a crypto platform’s internal economics, which includes the total token supply, token into circulation, burn rate, and the rate of supply.

Generating trade signals

There are some must-have crypto tools for investors which can consistently generate profitable trade signals. Based on the effectiveness of these tools, these trade signals can tremendously improve your trading performance.

Building and tracking crypto portfolio

You need to analyze the risks and returns of different crypto assets to build and manage a profitable crypto portfolio. Dedicated crypto tools can help you in managing your crypto portfolio in a more efficient way.

Managing risk

In crypto trading, risk management is crucial not only for maximizing gains but also for protecting your capital. Crypto research tools can help you gauge volatility and manage your trading risks.

Getting access to news and analysis

Crypto news and analysis platforms provide regular news and updates on the crypto market. They play the crucial role of informing you about what’s hot and happening in the overall crypto market. Moreover, these crypto tools often go beyond the surface to provide detailed insights and analysis of the overall crypto domain.

Providing regular market updates and key trends

Want to know when an exciting new ICO (initial coin offering) is going to take place? or, when the next upgrade on Ethereum is going to happen? There are dedicated crypto research tools that can give you regular updates on these latest events and developments.

3. Types of Crypto Analysis Tools

Crypto analysis tools are of different types based on what they do. However, note that the best crypto tools are designed for multiple functions (for example providing crypto news as well as chart analysis). These are the broad categories of the crypto market analysis tools:

3.1 Crypto chart analysis tools

Unless you want to trade cryptos solely on your gut feelings, chart analysis is the basic starting point of crypto trading. Crypto charting tools help you decipher the hidden patterns in charts, delve deeper into technical parameters (like RSI or moving averages) and even place your trades directly from the charting windows.

The top 3 crypto charting tools in 2024 are:

  1. TradingView
  2. Coinigy
  3. GoCharting

3.2 Crypto data aggregators

These tools are great for sourcing all crypto-related market data like the latest trading price, historical data, volume, total supply, charts, and other basic information related to crypto platforms or tokens. Crypto data aggregators provide almost all important information on crypto coins and crypto projects.

The top 3 crypto data aggregators in 2024 are:

  1. CoinMarketCap
  2. CryptoCompare
  3. CoinGecko

3.3 Crypto screening tools

If you want to identify, sort, and analyze cryptos based on certain criteria like market capitalization, trading volume, or price movement, crypto screeners are the go-to tools for you. These tools can help you find cryptos that match your criteria. For instance, crypto screeners can help you identify cryptos that are trading at a 52-week high price or that have recently crossed a particular moving average value.

The leading crypto screeners in 2024 are:

  1. Messari crypto screener
  2. TradingView screener
  3. BitScreener

3.4 Crypto news tools

These crypto research tools provide the latest crypto-related news, analysis, and updates. Keeping an eye on this news and updates can help you check on the market's pulse and overall health. Also, staying updated about the latest market developments will give you an invaluable trading edge.

The best 3 crypto news tools in 2024 are:

  1. CoinDesk
  2. NewsBTC
  3. CryptoSlate

3.5 Crypto trading tools

Crypto trading tools primarily help you in buying and selling cryptos. But, they also offer additional research and analysis functions to improve your trades. The leading crypto trading tools offer market updates, trade signals, educational resources, and technical analysis tools.

The best crypto trading apps for 2024:

  1. Tapbit
  2. BTSE
  3. Bubinga
  4. KuCoin
  5. ByBit

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3.6 Crypto tools for analyzing on-chain data

If you are not happy with just scratching the surface and want to have a detailed insight into a crypto platform, you need to look at the on-chain data. Analyzing on-chain data (like active addresses, total value locked (TVL), or movement of large amounts of cryptos) can help us understand market sentiments regarding a crypto platform.

The best on-chain data analysis tools in 2024 are:

  1. Glassnode
  2. IntoTheBlock
  3. Etherscan

3.7 Crypto portfolio management tools

Crypto portfolio management tools are specially designed to help you build the best possible portfolio and keep track of your crypto assets. These tools help you keep an eye on the movement of different cryptos, their volatility, expected returns, and recent performance.

The leading crypto portfolio management tools in 2024 are:

  1. Kubera
  2. CoinStats
  3. Delta

3.8 DeFi analytics tools

DeFi or decentralized finance is arguably the future avatar of all financial services. DeFi analytics tools help in having a deep insight (like the number of users or total value locked) into the best DeFi protocols.

The must-have DeFi analytics tools for you:

  1. DeFi Llama
  2. DappRadar
  3. DeFi Pulse

3.9 NFT analysis tools

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are an exciting new asset class that can help you diversify your crypto investment. NFTs tokenize any asset, tangible or digital, and establish their ownership on the blockchain. NFTs, along with DeFi, have been experiencing tremendous growth in the last few years.

Here are the top 3 tools that can help you navigate the exhilarating world of NFTs:

  1. CryptoSlam
  2. Nansen
  3. Dune Analytics

In addition to these popular crypto tools, some other types of crypto analysis tools are crypto tax tools, crypto automation tools, and crypto bots. You can also find out more about AI-enforced tools in crypto trading in other related article we've published recently.

4. Best Crypto Analysis Tools 2024 - FAQs

4.1 ❔ What are market analysis tools?

Market analysis tools are designed to help you get market insights by tracking thousands of data points. You can improve your trading performance by using the best market analysis tools.

4.2 ❔ What is the best crypto analysis tool?

There are a number of top crypto analysis tools in the market, which fulfill different needs. Also, different tools suit different users. This post provides lists of the top crypto analysis tools in different categories.

4.3 ❔ Are crypto analysis tools safe?

Crypto analysis tools are completely safe to use. They are designed to assist you in making informed trading decisions. In fact, top traders use multiple crypto analysis tools to get the best results.

4.4 ❔ Are crypto tools for analysis useful?

Crypto analysis tools can be extremely useful if you can utilize them in the right way. Also, you must get access to the best crypto market analysis resources to maximize your gains. This post on the best crypto analysis tools 2024 provides a list of leading crypto tools in different categories.

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