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The Tapbit referral code is KBVLGSK. Use our Tapbit promo code 2024 to get exclusive deposit bonuses. By applying the Tapbit referral code, you can claim deposit bonuses of up to 40% for USDT. Enter the referral code for Tapbit in the registration form to be eligible.

Tapbit Referral Code

Information Details
Tapbit Referral Code KBVLGSK
EXCLUSIVE Bonus Rate 40% Deposit Amount Greater Than 500 USDT
EXCLUSIVE Bonus Rate 20% Deposit Amount Greater Than 100 USDT

You can claim the Tapbit exclusive deposit bonus when you use our Tapbit promo code KBVLGSK while registering for the first time on the Tapbit crypto exchange. Now, let's look at the key features and services that make Tapbit one of our leading choices among many crypto exchanges.

1. How to Open a Tapbit Account

Tapbit max bonus (maximum bonus online)
Tapbit Referral code May 2024
Go to Tapbit
Tapbit Referral code June 2024
Go to Tapbit
July 2024 August 2024
September 2024 October 2024
November 2024 December 2024
January 2025 February 2025
March 2025 April 2025

Opening a Tapbit account is pretty straightforward. It will take less than a minute to register with the Tapbit crypto exchange. You can register directly on the Tapbit website. Alternatively, you can download the Tapbit app on your iOS or Android devices and then register on the Tapbit app.

You can create a new account on the Tapbit crypto exchange by using your Email or phone number. Your mobile number or Email ID is authenticated using a verification code. The Tapbit login page has a simple and user-friendly design to facilitate the login process.

Lastly, don't forget to apply the Tapbit invitation code KBVLGSK while registering. The Tapbit coupon code makes you eligible for a whole range of VIP Tapbit rewards. You only need to deposit your funds and make a transfer to your contract account to get the exclusive bonus. Let’s look further at these ongoing bonuses and promotions.

2. Tapbit Promotions & Bonuses

One of the exciting features of Tapbit that sets it apart from many legacy players is its wide range of promotions and bonuses. Currently, Tapbit is providing excellent welcome bonuses for new users. Especially when they use our exclusive Tapbit bonus code.

You can claim the Tapbit exclusive deposit bonus when you use our Tapbit promo code KBVLGSK while registering for the first time on the Tapbit crypto exchange. Simply deposit your funds and make a transfer to your contract account to unlock VIP rewards.

Now, let's look at the key features and services that make Tapbit one of our leading choices among many crypto exchanges. Remember to check out more crypto exchange bonus codes and reviews at our homepage after reading this review.

3. Tapbit Features & Services

Tapbit is one of the most innovative crypto exchanges for buying, selling, and storing all types of digital assets. Did you know all your digital assets are safe and secure with Tapbit because of its 40 Million USDT insurance fund? So, Tapbit is promising you security even if the worst happens and you lose your funds to scammers.

3.1 Tapbit Trading Markets and Options

Tapbit provides a selection of trading options like:

  • Crypto spot trading using P2P payment and third-party payment systems
  • Crypto derivatives like USDT perpetual and grid trading
  • A variety of crypto assets including crypto coins, NFTs, and DeFi tokens
  • Advanced trading features like copy trading
  • Foreign exchange trading

The number of trading options available to users are a key component to any crypto exchange review. We invite you to compare Tapbit with another excellent crypto exchange after reading this article. Discover more about our KuCoin referral code and their options for trading in our review.

3.2 Tapbit Payment Methods

To become truly user-friendly, a crypto exchange needs to support a variety of payment methods. Clearly, Tapbit makes the cut because it supports buying/selling of cryptos using a variety of payment methods:

  • Fiat currency
  • Debit/credit cards issued by Visa/Mastercard
  • Sepa bank transfer
  • Third-party payment apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Revolut

Note that deposits are free on Tapbit. Also, Tapbit charges zero commission for fiat-crypto transactions. However, other purchase methods may attract fees depending on the service provider. So, you need to check the charges associated with different payment methods before selecting the right one.

3.3 Tapbit Withdrawals

Using Tapbit, you can directly withdraw your crypto to the addresses of your choice. However, double-check the address entered to ensure that your cryptos are going to the right destination. Remember that once you transfer your crypto assets to the wrong address, it’s virtually impossible to reverse the transaction.

You can also withdraw your fiat currencies using different payment methods like direct transfer to your bank account. You need to pay a small withdrawal fee depending on the method of withdrawal or type of asset. The withdrawal fees also keep fluctuating because of network congestion on a blockchain platform. For further information about the Tapbit withdrawal fees, head to the "Fees" section on their website.

Tapbit’s commitment is to process each withdrawal request within 5 minutes. If a withdrawal request takes more than 15 minutes, Tapbit promises to compensate customers accordingly.

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency and are seeking further information before you decide whether to join Tapbit, we have got you covered. You can read a range of articles related to Bitcoin, blockchains, strategies for investing in crypto and more at JohnnyBitcoin.

3.4 Tapbit App

Tapbit has a state-of-the-art trading app that works on both iOS and Android devices. The Tapbit trading app has an easy-to-use interface that empowers you to trade on the go using advanced trading features.

Using the Tapbit app, you can trade cryptos on the spot as well as the derivatives markets. The Tapbit app download process is incredibly easy and you can register an account in minutes.

3.5 Tapbit Customer Support

Founded in 2021, Tapbit has become one of the most popular new crypto platforms in less than 2 years. One of the main reasons behind Tapbit’s success is its commitment to unparalleled customer support.

According to Zed Gary Head of Markets at Tapbit, "We prioritise customer feedback to enhance our platform's performance and user experience." Tapbit provides 24/7 customer support. You can instantly reach customer support using the chat option on the website or on the Tapbit App. In addition, you can email Tapbit support through Email (

3.6 Tapbit Fees and Commissions

Trading fees or commissions are one of the crucial factors for evaluating any crypto exchange. One of the main reasons Tapbit is suitable for new users is its low fee structure. Here are the fees and commission details of Tapbit crypto exchange:

Trade Type Maker Fees Taker Fees
Trading Fees on Spot 0.1% 0.1%
Trading Fees on Derivatives 0.02% 0.06%

Tapbit excels in appealing to new customers with their comparatively low fees. Discover how they compare with other cryptocurrency exchanges by reading our list of the top crypto exchanges in 2024.

4. Tapbit Crypto Exchange Review

Tapbit is a regulated crypto exchange based in the Seychelles. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Tapbit in order to have a balanced view of this crypto exchange.

Tapbit Pros

  • Tapbit supports crypto as well as forex trading.
  • Tapbit’s 40 million USDT insurance fund makes it a secure exchange.
  • Tapbit has a Money Services Business (MSB) license with the US’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.
  • Tapbit is easy to use and perfectly suitable for new users.
  • Tapbit is a low-cost crypto exchange.
  • Tapbit Lab supports the development of crypto projects like DeFi and NFTs.
  • Tapbit’s registration bonus makes it an attractive crypto exchange for new traders.
  • Tapbit’s advanced copy trading function allows you to follow the trades of experts and increase your winning rate.
JB Exclusive
Bonus with JohnnyBitcoin
Bonus rate of 40% if you deposit greater than 500 USDT
Standard bonus on Tapbit

Tapbit Cons

  • Tapbit offers a limited number of cryptos for trading.
  • Since it was established in 2021, it’s a relatively new player compared to many established crypto exchanges.

Our team of experts at JohnnyBitcoin were thoroughly impressed when testing the site for this review. As you can see, there are many reasons to choose Tapbit as your preferred crypto exchange. However, if you would like to compare Tapbit with another exchange, we invite you to check out our review of the Bubinga promo code. Using our code will also unlock an exclusive bonus at Bubinga and will enable you to fairly compare both sites and their offering to new users.

5. Tapbit Referral Code - FAQs

5.1 🤔What is Tapbit exchange?

Set up in 2021, Tapbit is one of the newest and most innovative crypto exchanges. You can trade both cryptocurrencies and forex using the Tapbit exchange. It supports crypto trading in both spot and derivatives markets.

5.2 🛡️Is Tapbit a legitimate crypto exchange?

Tapbit is a legit crypto exchange with the required permissions in the respective jurisdictions. Tapbit is registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) with the FinCEN in the USA. It takes sufficient measures to ensure the safety and security of users’ funds.

5.3 🌎 Can I access Tapbit from my country?

Tapbit is accessible from most countries, but has restrictions in place for New York State (US), Ontario (Canada), Cuba, or Antigua and Barbuda. There may be partial restrictions within other jurisdictions, potentially including but not limited to Hong Kong and Canada. Finally, Tapbit also does not onboard any users from Ontario, Japan or non-professional investors from Hong Kong.

5.4 🔠What is the referral code for Tapbit?

The Tapbit referral code is KBVLGSK. The registration code makes you eligible for exclusive rewards and benefits. Register today using the Tapbit referral code for a seamless crypto trading experience and a range of exciting rewards.

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