Sandip Das

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Sandip Das is an investing expert with over 10 years of experience in cryptocurrencies, options strategies, and emerging investing themes like AI, Web3, and DeFi. Being a tech-enthusiast, Sandip has a solid understanding of emerging technologies like blockchain, decentralized finance, and decentralized economies. Also, having an MBA in Finance and a Master's in Economics, Sandip combines concepts of behavioral economics, game theory, trading psychology, and behavioral finance to decode the complex (and emotionally overwhelming) world of investing. Above all, Sandip is a master storyteller who creates the right narrative to make arcane investing concepts easily accessible to common investors.

Sandip Das has written a number of investing books in the areas of investing in AI stocks, Ethereum, Altcoin investing, and Trading psychology. In addition, he has written over 500 columns, blog posts, and news articles on different investing domains. He is currently working on a book on making effective decisions combining interdisciplinary knowledge from psychology, economics, and philosophy. Sandip is a regular investor, blogger, writer, and educator in the investing domain. He is also a regular columnist with JohnnyBitcoin for a range of topics including cryptos, blockchain, Web3, and decentralized technologies. In his free time, Sandip loves to read, meditate, go for long runs, and play soccer.

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